Hardwood and Laminate


There are two basic types of hardwood floors, solid wood floors and engineered wood floors. Both are very beautiful and durable, but each has some limitations. Solid hardwood floors are usually installed during the initial construction of a home or commercial building and the types of solid hardwood available are much fewer than the engineered variety. They also have to be nailed down during installation, making sub-flooring a requirement if your base floor is concrete.

If you like exotic hardwood floors, you may want to look into the engineered hardwood. There are many great choices out there to make your home more beautiful.


Laminate flooring uses the latest technology to duplicate the beauty and warmth of natural wood and stone. Laminate flooring provides the appearance wood and stone, yet it is easy to care for as well as scratch and moisture resistant. Laminate floors can be made to look like wood, stone, brick and ceramic. When you look at laminate, you're looking at an image identical to real wood or stone. The image is coupled with advanced embossing that adds realistic texture to the floor surface. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish laminate from the material it is mimicking. Laminate also has an easy to clean surface that protects the floor from stains, fading or wear. Laminate's powers of impersonation allow you to get the look and feel of rare, exotic wood or expensive stone at a fraction of the cost, with no natural material drawbacks.